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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Best Amazon Chess Sets

Best Amazon Chess Sets

If you are in search of the best Amazon Chess Set, you have come to the right place

Before I begin, I must share that I am addicted to this awesome game. I have many chess sets which I keep as a collection.I don't play much now-a-days but I always stay connected to it by sharing my love for the game, continuing this blog. Back in the days, on my way back from office to home, I used to take some time out to play chess with my friends, it was a fun time and we used to spend many hours playing chess. All friends were so into this game that we used to order food at the same place, eating while thinking about the next move. Chess is a game which is really nutritious for your mind, I mean to say that it keeps your mind healthy and going. What inspires me about the game is two kingdoms fighting to win until it's checkmate. Each piece of chess has it's own importance and sometimes the pawn is taken lightly but can result in winning, depends on the move and strategy. My favorite piece has always been the Queen as it has more freedom to move. I will not bore you more and let you check the following top Amazon Chess Sets

My recommendation is the Chess Armory 15" Wooden Chess Set with Felted Game Board Interior for Storage. It's always better to have a wooden chess set as it's more durable and long lasting. I prefer wooden chess set over glass, plastic, magnetic and metal made chess sets. I still have a wooden chess set for the last 15 years, which is still in perfect condition.

The specifications for Chess Armory Set:

LARGE - 15" x 15" folding chess board for easy game play QUALITY - Wooden chess set with inlaid walnut STORAGE - Felted interior with straps for storing pieces SIZE - 3" King Piece STAUNTON - Hand crafted staunton style chess pieces It's a suggestion to have wooden chess set but the choice is yours!

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